Google Home Services For Lawn & Landscape Companies

You have probably heard about Google Home Service Ads (HSA) by now, but just in case you haven't HSA's are a new type of ad that Google is currently offering to select home service providers at the top of the search engine results page. These ads were initially tested in the California market and have expanded to Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix and more are being rolled out soon. The home service industries these ads are being offered to varies by location but have primarily been in the plumbing, HVAC, electrician, locksmith, and garage door industries. Below is an example of what home service ads look like in Google.

When are Google Home Service Ads going to be available for the lawn and landscape industry. 

No one really knows, not even most of the employees at Google including our account representative. Although these ads have been in beta for quite some time they are just starting to roll out to more markets and from what we have seen, it looks like they are still doing some testing. Ultimately these test will determine what the search engine results page will look like in the future once home service ads are available nationwide. But when it comes to Google making changes you just never know for sure how quickly they will roll this out. I would assume that we will not have Google Home Service Ads in the lawn care industry in 2017 and at least the first half of 2018. Why would I think that, you ask. It is about economics, Google is currently testing with home service industries that have considerably higher costs per click in regular adwords advertising than the lawn and landscape industry. For example in the HVAC industry the cost per click for adwords advertising is not uncommon to be between $40 - $90, and the other industries they are currently targeting are close to that as well. For comparison purposes most of our clients at Lawn Care Marketing Mechanic are paying between $2 and $6 per click for adwords advertising. But that doesn't mean as an industry we can just ignore this new advertising platform.


How To Handle Lawn Care Service Complaints

As a business owner, you probably dread dealing with customer complaints, but they must be handled because they don’t just go away and can’t always be avoided. Especially in the lawn care industry, no one is perfect and you are definitely not going to please everyone.

 Why Do Your Customers Complain?

 To properly deal with customer complaints it is important to understand why customers complain. Your customers complain when they are frustrated with something that occurred during the lawn service they received. It comes down to not meeting their expectations. For lawn and landscape companies, this can be a multitude of things including not showing up when scheduled, leaving the gate open, not blowing off a porch or patio, or not billing the customer correctly.

 Fortunately, most of these problems can be avoided or fixed in a timely manner. Now, I know you can’t please everyone because there are always a handful of customers out there that are off the charts crazy. It doesn’t matter what you do for them, you just can’t please them. Those however are the exception, the vast majority of customers that complain sincerely want their problems resolved.   



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