Building Links & Authority
For Lawn Care Businesses

Some people will tell you that link building is "dead", but this is more of a result of terminology and poor or "black hat" tactics than an actual shift in SEO ranking factors. So to be politically correct we will call this Authority Building because there are plenty of other ways to build Authority other than just spamming your site with links.

Link Building

Link building has long been considered an essential process in SEO, however Google now says that process is no longer advisable. So what is important to understand is that Google and other search engines still look at your link profile and use it as one of many factors in determining where you rank on the search engine results page. So it is not that you don't need links it's that you need quality links which is very different than the old "he who has the most links wins" mentality. Basically what this means is just building links may do more harm than good for your website but having a content strategy where you are creating content that stands on it's own and is easy to share on social accounts and blogs will prove to be beneficial to your business.

Search engines are designed to find the most relevant pages on the web for a user query and rank them based on quality and authority. Any inorganically gained signals of quality or authority (including links) could interfere with the accuracy of those rankings. Google and other search engines have addressed this with updates to their algorithm which discounts what is considered to be spammy or low-quality links. Acquiring too many "spammy" links, or too many of the same kind of links call potentially lead to a manual or algorithmic penalty which is why link building can do more harm than good.

Just because link building can be harmful to your website doesn't mean that it always is. If you use a well thought out strategy and understand the factors that will lead to a successful outcome instead of a penalty, you should be able to avoid any penalties. We know that ranking algorithms consider links as one of the most significant factors when determining page placement for a website, so making no effort at all to get links isn't a good strategy when it is likely that your competitors are building links.

The "RIGHT" Way To Build Links

Search engines consider links valuable because links are an indication of trust, credibility, and authority. When another website links to your website it typically means they found something valuable and helpful on your site which makes your website more valuable. The focus should be to create content that is valuable and likely to be shared. Detailed blog posts, instructional articles, and videos are some of the most shared types of content. All of the content you create should be syndicated across your social properties and blogs on a consistent basis. Just starting out it can be hard to come up with new unique content to be shared but there is an easy way to create content that is likely to be read and shared on the internet. And that is drum roll please....... Answer the questions you get asked the most. It really is that simple. For example what are the benefits of aerating my lawn, why should I aerate my lawn, how often should I aerate my lawn. There are 3 blog posts and videos right there and coming up with new content is really as easy as that. It speaks to your customer and answers the questions they want the answers to. It is important to remember to link back to other relevant pages on your site within the text. Then syndicate that content to your social media and other blog accounts with links to your post or your website. If you are comfortable making videos you really get 2 for 1. Record the video and post it to your YouTube account and share on social media, then transcribe it and use that same content and video as a blog post.

As you can see link building is technical and you really need to be informed about what is the right and wrong way to build links. If you are looking for a digital marketing partner that understands your business and understands the ever changing algorithms and rules of internet marketing then give Lawn Care Marketing Mechanics a call at 479-276-4357 today and see how we can help you get your internet marketing right!

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