Lawn Care seo strategy

Simply having a website is not enough to get more clients for your lawn care business. You have to have strategy in place to get your website ranked on the search engine results for your most important keywords. If you run a lawn care business you don't need me to tell you that it's competitive out there. You've got enough on your plate keeping up with customer, employees, and equipment without having to worry about SEO. But I wanted to outline some of our SEO strategy so you can better understand the process:

Setup Local Listing Profiles on:

Optimise Your Local Listings:

Get Regular Client Reviews Every Month:

Add Name, Address, & Phone (NAP) Citations Every Month:

Get Listed In Industry Directories:

Have A Separate Page For EVERY Service You Offer:

Use Long Form Pages - Minimum of 500 Words:

Optimise EVERY Page Of Your Website:

Link To External Sites That Are Authoritative:

Optimize Your Website For Search:

Optimize Your Website For Speed:

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Site Safe?

Have And Post To Your Blog:

Optimize Content For SEO & Sharing:

Use Video:

Optimise Videos:

Create Trust On Your Website:

As you can see there is a lot that goes into Search Engine Optimization for your lawn care website. If you would like to work with a trusted partner that understands your business and specializes in working with businesses just like yours fill out the form below.

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