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We help lawn care and landscape companies increase their sales & grow their business by getting their internet marketing right.

Our Process

This page is a guide to our process of becoming a client and everything that is included in our lawn care marketing program.

Step #1 - Discovery Phone Call / Consultation: (Request One Here)

This is a quick phone call to introduce ourselves and get to know you and your business needs a little better. We'll get an idea of the types of services you offer, your service area, what crm you are using, and any other features, functionality, or integrations you might need for your website. And of course we will answer any questions you might have.

Step #2 - Audit and Competition Analysis

The second step in our process is an analysis of your current website and review of your content. We will also complete an SEO audit on your site to determine where you are currently and what corrective action may be necessary. Then we look at your competition and what strategies they are using from an onpage and SEO perspective to help us understand what will be required to beat them. We will record about a 20 minute video highlighting the key points of the audit so you can understand our plan. We will also provide you with a few options for our services and cover what is included with each.

Step #3 - Proposal Approval

After reviewing the audit and proposal, if you decide that you would like to work with us as your lawn care marketing partner you will simply select the services you desire, agree to our terms and conditions, and make your first month's payment. All of our services are on a month to month basis as we prefer to earn your business instead of holding you hostage with a contract.

Step #4 - Questionaire

We believe in transparency, and in the spirit of that Step #4 will be the most painful part of your experience when you work with us. But we have to get information from you to effectively market your business online. Our questionaire is designed to get all the information we could possibly need to manage your online properties. This is a critical step in our process and is important that all the questions are answered thoroughly and accurately.

Step #5 - Design & Program Website

It all starts with the design and programming of your website. Your website is the hub of all your digital marketing and helps with conversion from offline advertising. For that reason we want to make sure we have that right from the start. Whether you have a nice professionally designed website, a DIY website, or no website at all we are going to analyze what you have and make improvements that optimize your website for converting visitors in to customers.

Step #6 - Build Out The Pages Of Your Website

The typical lawn care website we see from potential clients is significantly lacking in the content department by having only a few pages of content. Most are only between 5 and 10 pages including the home page, about us, our services, contact us and maybe a service area page. This is not enough to rise about your competition and to be visible on a wide range of search queries. We take a different approach, we build out a separate page for each of your services and a page for each of your service areas and we also include a blog for ongoing content creation. Our typical lawn care website is between 20 and 30 pages not counting any blog content.

Step #7 - Content Creation

Relax, we write the content. We use the information you provided us is Step 4 about the services you offer, your service areas, guarantee, and service details to craft the content for your website. Because we only work with lawn and landscape contractors we know your business well and have proven onpage content formats that not only create a great user experience but are also enjoyed by the search engines.

Step #8 - Reputation Monitoring & Review System

One of the key things you can do to create trust on and off of your website is have a good review profile. Every website we manage comes powered with a review management platform that allows you to monitor reviews, embed them on your website so you have a constant feed of recent reviews from across the web, syndicate 4 and 5 star reviews to your social profiles, and have an automated process for requesting reviews and feedback.

Step #9 - Contact Form or CRM Integration

No matter how you manage your business we will work with you to integrate your CRM with your new website. We have worked with several CRM's like Service Autopilot, Jobber, and Yardbook to name a few. If you don't use a CRM or have a CRM that does not offer lead capture we will install forms to collect lead information.

Step #10 - Launch Website

Once everything above is done we will launch your new website and link your Google Analytics account. We will also create and submit a sitemap, request Google to crawl and index your website via Google Search Console. This process typically take about 4 weeks but could go as many as 6 weeks depending on the scope of your project.

Recurring Monthly Services:

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